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Watch The Video On Managing Business Travel Changes With A New App Feature

Stay ahead of business travel disruption with the in-app trip guide

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Posted: 21 October 2021
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Imagine this, you've just touched down at your business travel destination with a bag packed for a two-night stay. Then, you discover there's a ten-day COVID-19 quarantine in effect. You don't have anywhere to stay. Okay, that's an extreme and pretty unlikely scenario, but the truth is, things are changing quickly when it comes to travelling during COVID-19. 

Business travel these days can mean learning heaps of different rules and understanding frequently changing rules and regulations across every country - even down to a regional and city level. Corporate travellers can work on the road, but now they must plan around anxiety-inducing requirements like pandemic levels, mask mandates, social distancing, increased travel times, proof of vaccine, PCR tests and self-isolation. It's a lot.

Two out of three travellers said they needed more information leading up to their trip.
- Egencia survey

Help is here

The new Egencia in-app trip guide helps travellers navigate business travel in the new normal. Business travellers can open their Egencia app and instantly connect to the information that matters. Information like destination updates and requirements and travel times. As well as lots of key points about your accommodation including hotel hygiene protocols, social distancing rules and whether the restaurant and pool will be open. There are also handy tips - like reminders to update payment modes on car-share apps like Uber, as chances are they might have expired if the trip is happening after a long lockdown hiatus.



Confidence is key

If you manage or arrange travel at your business, you'll want to do everything you can to help your travellers hit the road with confidence.   

I'm excited to travel again because it's nice to get away from the day-to-day monotony and to connect with co-workers that work in different locations around the globe. But I'm worried about travelling because of COVID-19. I don't feel as prepared to travel because of the changes that have occurred over the pandemic, for example, rental car rates have increased or very low supply, and the different protocols in place in different areas 

We're here to help. Watch the video to learn more or contact us for a full demo.

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