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Travel Expense Management & Business Travel Expense Reporting

Travel Expense Management
Travel Expense Management

Expense management built for you

Connect your travel programme with easy-to-use travel and expense (T&E) management solutions for business trip expense reimbursement, expense tracking, real-time data, and more.


Simplified travel spend management

Managing corporate travel and expenses (T&E) isn’t always easy. But it can be.

Whether you manage a travel programme for a small business, medium-sized organisation, or global corporation, you need to keep an eye on day-to-day discretionary travel spend, manage budgets, and reconcile accounts. That involves tracking any travel-related expenditures, whether they’re approved and in your system, or not.

Simplifying your organisation’s expenditures to be as efficient and reportable as the rest of your travel programme supports compliance and gives you a full picture of your travel spend workflows.

We provide a complete solution and help you connect your travel policy to your expenses. Whatever it is you need to keep on top of your travel costs and spend, we’ll help you identify the best approach. Discover how to integrate your travel programme with easy-to-use expense management solutions that streamline travel reimbursement and procurement costs, and support organisational growth through travel.

A single T&E solution

Tracking your travel spend is important. Our travel expense management software solution can help with an easy-to-use reporting system that keeps all types of expenses in one place.

  • Get daily visibility into your travel expenses and the full reimbursement process, including airfare, car rentals, per diem, incidental expenses, and corporate card charges.
  • Align important data fields to support budgeting and financial accountability.
  • Easily manage employee travel-related expenses to reflect spending with personal or corporate credit cards.
  • Quickly reconcile centrally billed charges to pay credit card companies for a fully validated T&E in your general ledger.
Single T&E solution
Streamline your process and travel policy

Streamline your process and policy

Make your travel expense policies and processes work for you. Save time and money with a T&E solution that meets your objectives at every step.

  • Create traveller profiles and booking preferences to encourage policy compliance.
  • Configure your data fields to match your finance team’s reporting needs.
  • Provide flexible support for your different payment types.
  • Build data flows that automate processes across T&E and associated reporting systems.
  • Support your existing expense reporting and reconciliation processes.
  • Get it all correctly reconciled in your general ledger.
Amex GBT Egencia Background

Expense management for businesses of all sizes

It’s important to maintain your business-specific reconciliation requirements. Through Egencia, you can:

  • Simplify the process of keeping your general ledger fully reconciled with your credit card and bank statements. 
  • Easily pass all your offline and online transaction data to your expense management system.
  • Automatically send trip data to dedicated expense management systems, traveller risk management partners and your ERP systems with Open Connect.
  • Increase compliance and reduce excessive spending by allowing travellers to consolidate receipts and their personal credit card charges, even from multiple cards. 

Open Sync collates all expenses and automatically creates an easily exportable spreadsheet that can be sent to your expense partners. Use Open Sync to support employees who use personal credit cards for their travel expenses.1

1 Available only in North America

Expense management for businesses
Keeping bookers

Keeping bookers and the bottom line in balance

You need fully reconciled credit card and bank statements to submit to your general ledger. That’s why we work with you to make sure all your transaction data — offline, online, and with custom data fields — is accurately and easily passed to your expense management system. Through our expense management partners and payment providers, you receive billing data reports that you can export to support your business’ reconciliation requirements.

Getting started

By understanding your needs, we can help you manage expense processes with expense data solutions and mobile expense apps that align to your company’s requirements and business purposes for travel.

There are several ways to include trip data in a travel expense management system yet you’ll have a variety of tailored, cost-saving options to choose from. Through our global partnerships with expense management providers, you can reduce manual processes for travel managers, travellers, accounting departments and more. 

Crunching the numbers doesn’t have to be tedious. Get in touch with us to explore your expense management needs.


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