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Despite the need for travel,policies only seem to bemeeting the needs of38%oftravellersTravellers feel they’dbe less successfulin their role withouttravel67%86%91%

86% of global business travellers feel in-person meetings are more effective and productive ...

and that perception increases for the VP level ...

Don’t Call Travellers.
They’ll Call You.

When learning about travel policies, travellers prefer "pull communication" - 66%When learning about travel policies, travellers prefer "pull communication" - 66%|QWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZ123XCVBNMxspacereturnTodayNotificationsTravellers Prefer PullCommunication:30% Intranet14% Booking tool14% Travel admin/arranger8% Company's agent –internal or external Over"push communication"like email36%DeclineAcceptTravellers Do Not LikePush Communication14%Employeeorientation package13%Email7%OthersDeclineAccept Hey14:21 Who did you fly with toTX?14:23 Acme Airlines14:2176% ofpeople askfellowtravellers forairlinesuggestions Which hotel did youstay at?14:23 The Grand14:2389% ofpeople askfellowtravellers forhotelsuggestions Where’s the best placeto eat in SF?14:23 Ooh I know thisamazing place!14:2379% ofpeople askfellowtravellers forrestauranttips How did you get toNYC last week?14:23 I got the train14:2382% ofpeople askfellowtravellers forgroundtransporttips

What do travel policies say and are travellers listening?

Nearly half of travellers still book their favorite airline and hotel evenif they are restricted by company travel policy.49%           50%     
57%of travellers need toget approval of theirtravel plans21%of travellers saytheir travelrequests are oftendenied

How can you balance travel policy with traveller wishes?

 Offer more choices and clearlycommunicate the "why" behindyour decisionsTIP 01TIP 03Share employee travel recommendationsthroughout your companyGive personalised guidelines for road warriorsand international travellers to get more complianttravellers. Plus, you’ll get a more accurateread on your spending if it’s done within your programmeTIP 02Looking to spend lesstime policing yourtravel policies?Read more here