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Egencia Mobile App, Travel Management App

Egencia Mobile
Egencia Mobile

Travel management untethered

Egencia mobile app: The travel management app that gives you the freedom to soar.

Egencia’s In-App Trip Guide

Our mobile app is the best way for you and your travellers to stay up-to-date on your itinerary and manage any pivots in an ever-changing travel landscape.

One travel management app for any need

Access at your fingertips.

The Egencia mobile app lets business travellers, travel arrangers, approvers and corporate travel managers easily access all information. The powerful travel app also puts the efficiency and flexibility to book, manage and view business trips — all in the palm of your hand.

  • All you need in one app. Access your itinerary, receipts, cancel or exchange an item, get assistance and more.
  • Book your perfect option with personalised searches, easy filtering and a clear display of available amenities.
  • Navigate any city. Compare ground transport options and find the best way to get where you need to go.
  • Exclusive privileges. Get better value for a lower price with special hotel rates available for travel app users.
  • Business expense tracker made simple. View and streamline payments with mobile expense reporting and receipt management.
One travel management app
Keeping business trip planning on track

Keeping business trip planning on track

We’re with your business travellers all the way. With an easy-to-use interface, they can book rail, car, flights and hotels. Beyond booking, we help them travel with confidence because they’re always connected to their itinerary so there’s never any question about where they’re going and when. Also available on Android Wear and Apple Watch.

Our travel management app also offers mobile-exclusive benefits, like special hotel rates and ground transportation options. When you’re booking, you can also pick up where you left off.

It’s our duty to help care for your travellers. Help is only a tap away with the app’s dedicated AssistMe button, so your travellers can easily connect with our customer service team, wherever they are.

If there’s a crisis, every second counts. Our Traveller Tracker is integrated into the app, so that you can search for and locate your business travellers in real time. You can search for a city or time range and view all of your travellers on an interactive map or in a list.

Travel risk management solutions

Quick and easy trip approvals

Never miss a beat. People in charge of approving business travel for their colleagues are often on the road themselves. Now, you can avoid inventory loss or price increases with lightning-fast approvals.

We make sure that travel disruptions don’t disrupt your bottom line. With just a couple of taps in the business travel management app, you can approve or deny a request or view travel history.

Arrangers find that supporting travellers is easy, even if they’re out of the office. They can view all of their travellers’ trips and modify their reservations directly from their mobile device.

Arrangers can also easily search for corporate travellers, view their business trips and make changes to reservations.

Quick and easy trip approvals

The Egencia mobile app

The Egencia mobile app makes business trip planning, booking, managing and viewing simple for business travellers, travel arrangers, approvers and corporate travel managers.

Stay connected throughout the trip and enjoy exclusive privileges, available only on the Egencia smartphone app.

Egencia Mobile App

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