Insightful Data Helps Manage Business Travel Costs

Businesses around the world turn to Egencia to provide the tools, technology and support to reduce business travel costs, drive travel policy compliance and deliver bottom-line savings. Our clients benefit from data and on-demand reports to continuously monitor and improve their managed travel programmes.

Better Intelligence Promotes Greater Compliance

Egencia brings travel management reporting to a new level. Dynamic and interactive charts and graphs quickly highlight new travel cost-savings opportunities to make impactful adjustments to our clients’ managed travel programmes. Data gives insights into travel-spending changes, non-compliant travellers, and possibilities for negotiated rate agreements.

Travel Intelligence

Travel Managers can quickly and easily uncover savings opportunities with on-demand reporting, including daily updates for on-line and agent-assisted bookings. These comprehensive reports can provide detailed analysis on specific aspects of travel spend, or look at broader travel trends across the organisation.

business travel

Egencia brings travel management reporting to a new level.

  • DataMinderâ„¢ Proactive Programme Notifications

    Take advantage of DataMinder™ to proactively track your managed travel programme’s performance. Receive immediate notification via email when specific thresholds are met to monitor progress towards your travel programme and business objectives.

  • Quantify Advance Air Purchase Savings

    Display average air ticket values and the number and percentage of tickets purchased within five different levels of anticipation in relation to the actual travel date. Quickly identify if travellers are improving their travel purchase behaviour to help minimise the organisation’s overall average air ticket price.

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