Travel Arrangers

Travel Management Made Easy And Efficient

Egencia streamlines the complex task of arranging travel – even for multiple travellers. Drawing on years of expertise in both travel and technology, we’ve created a booking experience for travel arrangers that is easy to use and maximises efficiency, whether you regularly book for one or a number of travellers.

Learn more about Online Booking

Learn more about Online Booking

Managing Travel Preferences

Egencia makes it easier for you to manage traveller preferences, profiles and payment options.

Presentation of Trip Options

Easily share saved itineraries with your travellers – Egencia makes it easy for them to review and select the option they prefer.

Travel Arrangers

Egencia streamlines the complex task of arranging travel

Innovative Group Booking

Egencia saves you time and effort.  Arranging tools optimise multiple flights and hotels to quickly arrange travel for any number of travellers, including the ability for you to book groups of up to six travellers at a time.

Changes Made Simple

Changing travel plans with Egencia is easy even when travellers are already out-of-town. We make it easy for you and your travellers to book, cancel, and modify or update itineraries online before issue. Instant email notifications keep those “who need to know” up-to-date about changes in travel plans too.

  • Easy Guest Travel

    Planning trips for non-employees like vendors, recruits and spouses is easy for you through Egencia guest accounts. Pre-pay hotel booking options and access guest travel data at any time.

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