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​​​​​​​Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19) for Business Travelers

​​​​​​​Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19) for Business Travelers


Country entry requirements

In response to the coronavirus spread, many countries have entry requirements for travel. A central list of these requirements is available from Egencia’s partner, International SOS. Egencia is also monitoring updates and will continue to update this page as the situation develops.


Keep track on your travelers' safety

Contacting Egencia

We are urgently focused on supporting the needs of travelers with immediate travel plans, as well as those who need real-time support on the road.

  • You can easily modify or cancel trips directly via the Egencia website or mobile app.
  • Visit the Egencia Help Center to find real-time travel guidance and details on flexible travel policies.
  • Or contact us by email.

Many airline, hotel or rail operators have issued flexible travel policies such as waiving fees for changes or cancellations to booked travel plans, subject to specific terms and conditions. Please check with them for the most up-to-date information.

We highly recommend all travelers to follow health and safety information from health officials and local authorities. We recommend referring to the World Health Organization website for up-to-date information.

Airline, Hotel and Rail Policies Update

Many airlines, hotels and rail operators have issued flexible travel policies for destinations where significant spread of the virus have been reported. Flexible travel policies generally allow for the waiving of fees for changes or cancelation of travel, subject to specific terms and conditions. Travelers are encouraged to check their service providers website for information on the latest flexible travel policies, and potential impacts to their travel. As conditions change or new developments occur, the flexible travel policies may be further modified. If a flexible travel policy has not been issued or if the change to the booking is outside of the policy parameters, then the original terms and conditions of the booking will apply, including applicable change or cancelation fees.

Egencia travel consultants have access to the latest flexible travel policies. We have added a list of advisories and flexible travel policies on our Help Center for your convenience. We encourage travelers to review this information to see what options may best suit their travel needs. As flexible travel policies may change often, or if the operator is not listed, travelers are advised to check the website of the airline, hotel or rail operator for the latest information.

Traveler Safety and business stability

At Egencia, we are here to help you support your business needs while minimizing risk for your travelers. We've listed the key information you need to help your business face the current coronavirus crisis. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact your Egencia account manager.

Keep track on your travelers' safety


Check the impact on your travelers

Egencia's Traveler Tracker is used to quickly identify current and future booked travel, globally in your company so you can keep your travelers safe.

  • Search by country, by city or region, or a specific geographical area in the map.
  • Search for traveler bookings made on one or several airlines, including marketing and code share bookings, to quickly identify possible traveler impacts due to changes in airline operation.
  • Run a global search of current and future travel plans in your company, regardless of destination, and download the results for easy analysis.

Government authorities in many countries have issued guidelines or warnings regarding travel to affected areas. Travelers are encouraged to check specific country entry requirements with their government authority for the most up to date information. These warnings may include travel restrictions to or from affected areas, increased immigration and customs processing times, health screening requirements, or potential quarantine measures.

You can also use Egencia's Analytics Studio to quickly see the status of flight transactions with key information such as:

• itinerary number
• ticket status
• route
• POS and more...

The CSV download can be found in Analytics Studio and provides reporting of air cancellations across POS and any date range.

Safeguard your employees even before they book travel

You can use Egencia's policy tools and approval tools to restrict travel or gain visibility into planned business trips. For complete visibility and control over employee bookings, you may mandate approval for all the travel bookings including air, hotel, rail and car rental.

You can also specify air travel to high-risk destinations such as cities, countries or regions as out-of-policy. Further, you may prohibit bookings to these out-of-policy routes.

If you are based in Europe or APAC, we strongly recommended you to enable security approval for out-of-policy routes, which can then be actioned upon by your specified security approver.

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