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VIDEO: How Outreach achieved 91.7% adoption


Sales engagement software company, Outreach, has been helping companies close deals since 2014.  A fast-growing business, Outreach went from 0-350 employees rapidly – making a scalable business travel solution essential. 

Watch the video to learn how working with Egencia helped Outreach firmly embed travel in their company culture, achieving a 91.7 percent online adoption. 

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Video transcript  “Outreach is a leading sales engagement platform, we allow you to send any kind of omnichannel outreach. Then A/B test it, track it and analyse the results to give you a management dashboard full of results across all your team – and then replicate the best practices across all of your apps. As a leader, it’s extremely important for us to create a great culture and an experience where our employees are going to love to come to work every day and feel supported by our company.  Travel is a huge part of our growth hacking motion, it is a force multiplier for everything that we do. So, we send our sales people on the road, to do events, to go to dinners, to get face time – it allows us to actually act like we have a presence on the ground in a lot of the cities in the US. Things that are most important to me as a Corporate Travel Executive is ease of use and everything in one place – also reliability, making sure it’s always going to be there when I need it.  As somebody who is kind of in one ear and out the other, only focused on the things that are at hand – and my account executives are the same way, they want to make sure that they can open up an app, and everything’s going to be centralised and they can get the information they need, when they need it. We switched to Egencia because they just got rid of all the friction that was in the process and that was really important to us”.